Library Fiesta Time!

OLE!  It's time to party at the Maud Marks Library!  We will be hosting our annual Hispanic Heritage Fiesta this Saturday, September 17 in the afternoon.  We will have dancing, food, music, a cooking demonstration, and children's crafts all afternoon until 4 PM. 

The schedule for the afternoon is as follows:

12:30 PM- A guitarist will be here to play us some Latin Tunes

1:00 PM- HEB will be here to cook enchiladas

1:30 PM-  The Chilean Folklife group will be back to dance their country's folk dances. 

2:30 PM- Omni Salsa will be here to give Salsa lessons.

All afternoon- The children's area will be turned into Clara's Craft Corner as we make paper flowers, tin ornaments, and pinatas.  Of course, the International Cafe opens as usual for those with the munchies. 

Earlier this week, a remake of the 1987 classic "Dirty Dancing" was announced. How do you feel about this decision?

i carried a watermelon

Flickr CC: i carried a watermelon Photo by: Jamelah E.

Why remake such an iconic movie?
66% (23 votes)
I'll reserve judgement until I see who is cast as Baby and Johnny.
17% (6 votes)
I have never seen the original, so have no opinion either way.
9% (3 votes)
Go for it! The remake is usually better than the original.
6% (2 votes)
It's too soon. Maybe wait a few more years?
3% (1 vote)
Total voters: 35
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