Gift-giving hints: learn which ebook reader is right for your loved one

Come to the e-book class this Thursday when our librarian, Cathy Clark will introduce you to the differences between Apple e-readers, Kindles, and Nooks and show you how to use them to read Harris County Library books. That's Thursday, December 5th from 1-3 pm in Room 216, the computer lab. No registration is required and it's free. 

Summer Reading has Begun!

Ready for those beach reads? Remember, if you’re having trouble with downloading electronic and audio library books to your Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, or other electronic device, E*Book*Aid will be available in the front lobby every Monday afternoon this summer from 2-4. A team of tech wizards will give you personal help with using your digital device so you can read and listen to electronic library books wherever your summer may take you!

This Saturday morning, in the first of our several Adult programs this summer, you'll be able to Learn the Art of Quilling--that's about making those impressive delicate spirally things made of paper. Just like in the photo on the left. That’s Saturday morning, June 8th at 10 o'clock in Room L 129. There are spaces for 24 people.

Antiques and Murder

 Gilt By Association (A Den of Antiquity Mystery) by Tamar Myers. Is an easy read it opens wtih shop owner  Abigail Timberlake purchasing a  gilt-edged 18th-century French armoire and finding the  body of a local man. Since the police close her shop until further notice during the Christmas rush Abigail involves herself in the investigation. In doing so she uncovers secrets about the family who originally owned the furniture putting herself and her friends in danger.

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