Teen Tuesday – Intro to Fandoms June 7th @ 3:00 PM [11+]

Have you ever heard of a Fandom? Do you know what a Fandom is? Do you know what Fandoms are out there? Are you completely confused?

If you are (or aren’t), you can come to the Parker Williams Branch for the beginning of our Summer of Fandoms on June 7th at 3 PM.

We will be explaining what a Fandom is, what Fandoms are out there, and how to celebrate your newly found love of Fandoms. You will be able to find us in the Library Community Room. 


For More Fandom Fun:

Get Your Geek On @ 3 Local Conventions


One of the advantages of being a geek in a large city is the wonderful conventions in my own backyard. I admit it. I am a con addict. I have been going to fandom conventions since 1984 and will probably still be going when I have to incorporate my walker into my cosplay. During March and April, I have three opportunities to get my geek on with one comic/scifi/fantasy convention and two anime conventions in town.




Conventional Wisdom: Teens @ Anime Conventions

 I have a confession to make. I am a fangirl. I love everything about fandom but one of my favorite things is conventions. I have been to science fiction, fantasy, anime, comic book and cult tv conventions. Conventions are great places to find the latest in anime and manga, not to mention t-shirts, plushies, action figures, and anything else you can imagine. Interested? In Houston, you  have two chances to get your fan on either this Halloween at Oni-Con or this Easter at Anime Matsuri. Here are some tips, and books, to make your con going experience fun and stress-free.

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