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20 Books for 2012

I'm a big fan of lists, and particularly year-end lists.  A simple Google search will probably direct you to several different personal blogs on which I have published my end-of-year favorite music lists over the past eight years or so.  For me, lists are intended both as a form of self-analysis and as recommendations for my (modest, random) readership. 

I am also a bit unconventional with these lists.  I care less about the year that something was made than the year that I first experienced it.  So, on the following list, you will find my 20 favorite books that I read (for the first time) in 2012.  Some of the titles were published this year, others were written over a half-century ago.  But they are all great books that you should read, and they are all, incidentally, in HCPL's catalog.  So without fu...

My Favorite Five Summer Reading Books 2012

Registration for the Summer Reading Program is officially closed, but if you did previously register, there's still time to log your minutes and titles for a chance to win some pretty great prizes

As the Summer winds down, I'd like to take some time to reflect on my favorite books from the Summer, and to provide my favorites here in list form.  Hopefully, you, reader, will use this as a source of recommended leisure reading.  Follow the links to find the titles in HCPL's catalog and, most importantly, enjoy.

My Favorite Five Summer Reading Books 2012:


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