Garage Sale

City-wide Garage Sale & Recycling Weekend

Garage Sale courtesy of Clker.comIt's that time again - don't miss it: the city-wide garage sale as well as the Trash Bash & Electronic Recycling event. Click here for more details. It all happens this Saturday, 4/29.

Discovering Treasure

You visit a garage sale and spot a lamp or piece of furniture with a unique motif. You think you might have found a hidden treasure but you can't be sure. You suddenly wonder how those people on TV always seem to know the value of an item the moment they see it. Wondering how they do it?

Learn how people in the business find, price, sell, and repurpose their thrift store treasures:

Garage Sale | Venta de Garaje

The Friends of South Houston Library are accepting donations for their garage sale.   The date of the sale is September 12, 2009. We are very excited about this event because all of the money raised will go to benefit the South Houston Library. You can bring in gently worn clothes, toys, and household items. We appreciate everything that has been donated so far. Save the date and join us at the garage sale!

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