Geocaching on Friday

Come to Mercer Botanic Gardens where the Little Blue Library is having Geocaching every Friday from 9 am to noon.  No registration is necessary. Information and coordinates will be available under the Tree House each Friday. To find out more about this activity, please call Victoria at 832-927-5480.  This program is for all ages, so we hope you will come join the fun!

Treasure Hunting

The Joy of GeocachingI recently ran into a woman in Skagway, Alaska, who was ecstatic about finding a ship captain’s name painted on a rock on a cliff near the port.  She had searched and found a clue in a worldwide puzzle known as geocaching.  If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at being a treasure hunter (locally or around the world), take a look at The Joy of Geocaching by Paul & Dana Gillin.

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