health care bill


Thanks to U. S. Representative Ted Poe, we have the two volume, 1990 page Health Care Reform Act available at the North Channel Library. These weighty tomes are shelved in the Ready Reference area. You are welcome to take these binders to a table for your reading and research needs. This history making legislation, H. R. 3962, was filed October 29, 2009, in the House of Representatives. Come take a look at the information on one of our most engaging current affairs!

Special Delivery at Octavia Fields

We are proud to announce that on Tuesday, November 2, 2009, Octavia Fields received a special delivery weighing 19 pounds.  The big bundle was hand delivered by our U.S. Congressman, Ted Poe.  It is a 2 volume set and contains a total of 1,990 pages of the latest health care bill filed in the House of Representatives.  The bill is also accessible on line, but if you want to see it and actually hold in your hands, it is available for the public to view at the Octavia Fields reference desk.

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