Murder and History in 1905 Indiana

Jeanne Dams' Murder in Burnt Orange is the last of the series featuring  Hilda Johansson, an immigrant housemaid who has become a lady by marriage.  Hilda is sweltering in a 1905 South Bend, Indiana heat wave.  She is very pregnant, miserable and making ev

President Washington

 I promised to share a few of my favorite books on George Washington so here they are. Most of the items listed are found in the non-fiction or biography section of the library. That being said, I hope that you will check a few out and give them a try. Almost all the book on this list uses a picture book format, which children typically enjoy. The illustrations make a factual subject like history fun and inviting. By presenting information in this manner, it becomes more like a story. In return, children can better relate to the person or subject that is being presented.


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