Janet Chapman

It is so easy to be tempted by Janet Chapman

Janet Chapman is one of my favorite authors, I love her style and her characters.  She always reels me in hook line and sinker.  When I get my hands on one of her new books I have to make myself slow down so I don’t rush through it too fast, wanting them to last so much longer than they do.  I really like that she writes book in series.  I just finished Dragon Warrior which is the second book in her Midnight Bay series, this series is a spinoff of her Highlander series.  Her books are sexy and fun with more than a little magic thrown in.  While you don’t necessarily have to start with the first one in her series it will help with background and characters.  Check out Janet Chapman's  website for more information.

Can You Resist a Good Series? I know I Can’t!

I love series books. I really like to follow a family or group of people through the years. If you could compose a list of your top five, all time, best romance series what would it be? This is my current list, but it could change at any time!
Malory Series Johanna Lindsey
Highlander Series - Janet Chapman
Bride Series - Catherine Coulter

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