Living that Library Life

I think if there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s that libraries are awesome and amazing and interesting and a whole bunch of other nifty adjectives. I mean, if you’re reading this you’re probably a fan or a supporter of the library in some way right? In the end, it doesn’t matter if you somehow ended up here by wild happenstance or if you ended up here because here is exactly where you want to be—let’s celebrate that awesome, amazing, interesting place full of knowledge. How? By reading of course. 



"I am proud of what I am. I am a librarian."

Libraries are such an integral part of our community, we often take them for granted. So once a year, we have National Library Week – this year April 11-17 – to allow us time to acknowledge their value. Libraries provide information and entertainment for millions of people everyday all over the world, whether on a college campus or a major city or a small town. And there are the librarians who help us find what we need.

What is a Card Catalog? Kids Today Don't Know

In their recent article, “100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About ,”  Wired magazine has a list of technologies that adults grew up with that today’s kids may never experience. The list includes everything from audio-visual entertainment (VHS tapes and 8 tracks) to computers, gadgets, and everything else. The list includes several things library related. Do you remember these?  I've made a couple of my own comments in brackets below.

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