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Rainwater Harvesting

Did you know there's a way to keep your lawn looking beautiful and keep your water bill down? Since can be at a premium in the Houston area the best way to achieve this is through recycling rainwater! Also known as harvesting rainwater it is the collection and storage of rainwater. It can be collected from a roof or stored  in "catchment" tanks like rain barrels.

TGIF Programs Hosts Garden Day/ Tomatoes with Master Gardener Chris - Friday Morning

Master Gardener Chris will speak at TGIF Programs about Tomatoes which can be started from seeds in January, either in green houses or on windowsills. We'll meet in the Marge Jacobson Community Room.

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Food is getting more and more expensive.  Learn to grow your own at the Maud Marks Library.  On Saturday at 10 AM the Harris County Master Gardeners will be here to continue their Green Thumb Gardening Series with a presentation on fall vegetable gardening.  Learn everything you need to know to grow beautiful, healthy, and yummy vegetable right in your backyard!  Grow what you need for a salad or just the vegetables for your gourmet dinner.

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