This Friday @ your library

The under50over Program invites adults of all ages to under50over this Friday, March 18th at 10:30 am. We look forward to a presentation from Toni King; popular author of Medicare and Health Insurance Survival Guide. She will talk about the “ABC’s of Medicare; The Drug Plan and How to Avoid the Donut Hole.” She will be available to answer questions during the program.This presentation will take place in the Marge Jacobson Community Room on the first floor of the library. Light refreshments are provided by the Friends of Freeman.

Senior Moments: The Medicare Program

Are your overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to know about Medicare?  Let us help you work your way through all the confusing questions.  We will have an expert on Medicare here at the library tomorrow at 1 PM to answer all your question on this government program.  Whether you've been confused by your Medicare coverage for years or are just getting to the age where you are required to sign up, let us help you through the mess!  Seating for this and for all programs is limited.  Please call the library or click here to register.

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