North Pole

Santa's Helpers

Let’s get real here.  There is no way one guy could circle the world bringing toys and games and other goods on one sleigh in one night all by himself.

Not without some help.

Seriously, Santa Claus needs a lot of help with such a monumental task.  Thank goodness he has it.  I mean, without the elves and the reindeer and especially Mrs. Claus, Santa wouldn’t have a chance of accomplishing all he’s got to do. 

And every now and then, Hollywood remembers those who help make our Christmas holidays more fun.  Check out some of the movies and TV specials that give us a peek behind the scenes at the North Pole.

We all know Santa Reached the North Pole First…

Of course, we all know that Santa Claus reached the North Pole first. Nevertheless, among the more scientific minded individuals, there remains a great debate as to who was the first man to reach the North Pole. Like the South Pole race I discussed last week, the North Pole was host to a contest between two great explorers to see who would reach the North Pole first. Unlike with the South Pole, the winner is still a matter of debate.

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