2017 Oscar Nominations: Best Actor & Best Supporting Actor

This year has given us an interesting mix of Academy Award nominees.  In the Actor categories, we have previous winners, previous nominees, and a strong showing by first-time nominees.  There are critics’ choices, sentimental favorites, and a few who make us think “it’s about time he got noticed and awarded.”

The movies featuring these actors are also a mix of comedy-drama, drama, thriller, and even musical.  But what I find most heartening is that most of the films are about challenges faced at various times of our lives.  Standing up for what we believe.  Caring about family and friends.  Looking out for others.  Making big mistakes.  Deciding where your future and your passions lie.

2015 Oscar Nominations: Best Actress & Best Supporting Actress

It’s finally here!  Of all the awards given out every year for movies, this is the big one.  The one we place bets on.  The one where we compete against friends and family to see if our choices match those of the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

2014 Oscar Nominations: Best Actress & Best Supporting Actress

We’re counting down this year’s Oscar race!  And here are the top ten actresses!

As a life-long movie fan, I find these past few years to be especially exciting.  It’s largely accepted that 1939 was a banner year for movies.  The Best Picture nominations were films still considered among the best ever made.  (Among them were Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.)  It was the Golden Age of Hollywood.  And the actresses and actors of that time are still considered some of the best.

Read It, Watch It, See if It Wins

The Academy Award nominations are tomorrow, and I’m excited to see what films have been chosen.  This past year had quite a few adaptations of nonfiction books that opened to great reviews.  Here are a few titles that have been popping up in the nomination predictions.


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One More Time...

The Oscar show is over.  The gold statues have been handed out.  The show biz pundits have praised and panned various dresses worn by the women attending.  Some have even talked about the men’s clothing.  Comments have been made about the length of the ceremony.  And many have mentioned the host.

Black History Month at the Oscars

February has brought us two special events: Black History Month and the Academy Awards presentation.  So I think we should call attention to the Black actors and actresses who have paved the way for the next generation of talent – such as young Quvenzhané Wallis.  Past winner Denzel Washington is nominated again this year.  And, of course, he was preceded by others.

Therefore, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the talented Black artists who have won the Oscar.  Check out their array of movies, including those for which they received their awards.

Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress

The majority of actresses nominated this year have one big thing in common: they’ve been nominated before.

The array of talent is truly amazing.  Every actress in the supporting category has been nominated in the past.  Two of them have won Academy Awards in the lead category.  Three of those nominated for leading actress have been down the red carpet before, two for supporting and one for lead.  The other two in leading roles are up for the award for the first time – and they just happen to be the youngest and the oldest nominees in that category in Oscar history.

Best Picture -- Now and Then

I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to this year’s Oscars.  I’ve seen very few of the nominated films.  Friends and family have told me about some of the movies, and I’ve looked up information on my own.  The nine films up for Best Picture are quite diverse, ranging from historical to fantasy to military to musical to western.

Now I will admit up front that I’m cheating a little on this blog.  I looked up the plots for most of the films.  And as I read, I couldn’t help being reminded of past Best Picture winners.

The Oldest and the Youngest

This year’s Academy Award nominations held a pleasant surprise and new record.  In the Best Actress in a Leading Role category, we have both the oldest and the youngest nominees in the history of the Oscars.  Emmanuelle Riva, nominated for the foreign film Amour, was 85 years old when announcements were made last week.  At the other end of the spectrum is

2012 Academy Award Nominations: Best Picture

hollywoodYesterday morning, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this year’s Oscar nominations. Arguably the most prestigious of the movie awards (and, certainly, my favorite), I have been looking forward to this announcement for weeks. Unlike previous years, when the nominees were fairly expected, this year’s list includes a number of surprising entries. People and movies who have been nominated for other honors this season were ignored, while people and movies who have been overlooked at every other awards show were included. That certainly makes for an exciting awards show!

So far this year, I’ve only seen three of the movies nominated for Best Picture (The Artist, Hugo & War Horse), but I hope to remedy that over the next month. Despite that, I already have firm opinions on who should win. It will be interesting to see if my favorite movie sweeps its categories, or if the awards will be a hodge-podge of recognition.

The Academy Awards air on Sunday, February 26th at 7:00 pm on ABC. I know I’ll have all my fingers and toes crossed for my favorites!

Which movie do you think will take home the Best Picture Oscar this year? Vote in the poll and stay tuned for posts about the actor and actress nominees!

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