Volunteer for Book Buddies program

Volunteers are needed to share the joy of reading with a young child. Harris County Public Library's Book Buddies program pairs trained volunteers (Big Buddies) with children in Kindergarten through 3rd grades (Little Buddies). For 10 weeks, the Buddies meet once a week for 45 minutes of shared reading. 

This next session will run from September 9, 2019 to November 11, 2019 at Katy Branch Library. You will meet once a week on Mondays from 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm to read with your Little Buddy.

If interested, please apply here:

Become a Big Buddy and make a difference in a child's life!


Tween Readers' Book Club Today @4pm

Today is Monday, June 24 and the Baldwin Boettcher Library’s Tween Readers’ Club will be meeting at 4 pm to discuss the book “The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden” by Karina Yan Glaser.  It will take place under the Tree House.  This program is for ages 9 to 12 years and will also have a delicious snack, so come join us!  To see what programs, we have coming up please check our events calendar at or just come by and see us at the Little Blue Library inside Mercer Botanic Gardens.  We would love to see you there!

Tween Reader's Book Club Today @4pm

Today is Monday, April 29 and the Baldwin Boettcher Library will be having a tween program at 4 pm.  It is the Tween Reader’s Club.  Each month we will read a book and then meet to talk about it and eat some delicious treats.  Future books for the club will be available following our meeting.  This month’s book is the Bicycle Spy by Yona Zeldis McDonough. It will take place under the Tree House and is for ages 9 to 12 years of age.    To see what programs we have coming up, check our events calendar at, or just come by and see us at the Little Blue Library inside Mercer Botanic Gardens.  We would love to see you there!

Read Across America

Read Across America is an event which takes place in March and celebrates reading and literacy. Children are invited to our Read Across America program on Monday, March 4th at 4:00 pm. Participants will be able to play games, choose a free book to take home, and enjoy a slice of delicious cake. 

Thank you to Panaderia Tierra Caliente for the generous donation of a cake for our celebration.



Monday at the Little Blue Library

 Today is Monday, Jan 28th and we have two kids programs for you today.  First at 10:30 am we have our Story Time in the Garden.  It is for ages 2 to 6 years of age.  There will be a craft following the story.  It will take place under the Tree House.  Then we will have our Tween Readers Club at 4 pm.  It is for ages 9 to 12 years, and we will be discussing this month’s book, Amal Unbound.  We will also have some delicious treats while we are there.  It will also take place under the Tree House.  Come join us!

Fantasy Rocks!

Have you participated in our summer reading genre challenge yet?  This week we are focusing on Fantasy.

Why read fantasy?  Story lines feature good versus evil, and protagonists battle and ultimately conquer the dark forces. The characters often attain special magical gifts, and the story lines explore ways to discover one's own potential. Characters may include mythical creatures --dragons, unicorns, elves, wizards -- as well as animals that are more may also find a home in Fantasy. Quests commonly drive the plot, and adventure elements play an important role. Elaborately detailed settings describe another world, often Earth, which does not follow earth's time line. Thus the setting may be a pseudo-Medieval world with knights and dragons or a fictional future world with elves on motorcycles. Gritty urban settings are almost as popular as more traditional historical ones. 

Romance Rocks!

Have you participated in our summer reading genre challenge yet?  This week we are focusing on Romance novels.

Why read a romance? The primary appeal of Romances is to the emotions. Readers feel an emotional link with the protagonists and are invested in the satisfactory outcome of their story.  Characters may be stereotypes -- bright, independent heroines pitted against strong, dangerous heroes -- but readers expect this and find satisfaction. Authors mayexperiment with characters, settings, and story lines, but the happy ending is sacrosanct. Readers don't want surprises at the end!

Science Fiction Rocks!

Have you read your science fiction book for our summer reading challenge yet?  We would LOVE to help you find the science fiction book right for you.  Earn a chance (or 10) to win our science fiction basket.

Science Fiction is speculative fiction and raises controversial questions in worlds based on plausible scientific theories. Traditionally it posits future worlds and technologies, but settings in the past, rich in future technologies, have grown in popularity. No matter the time and setting, science supported by known scientific principles drive the stories.

Historical Fiction Rocks!

The Genre Challenge Has Returned at the Maud Marks Library for Summer 2018.  The way this works, you read books in different genres and then turn in slips to be entered in for drawing for various gift baskets.  If you read 5 different genres over the summer, you will receive an entry for the grand prize basket.  This basket includes a Kindle Fire, a $25 gift certificate to Katy Budget Books, and 4 tickets to the Alamo DraftHouse movie theatre.

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