July's Tuesday Science for Kids at 2 PM


Tuesday, July 9th at 2 PM – STEM Time – Launch Rockets [8+]
On Tuesday, July 9th at 2PM, we are going to be looking into the science of rockets. We will also be constructing some simple launch rockets out of foam insulation and other materials. Join us in Room 3 for liftoff.


Tuesday, July 23rd at 2 PM – Science Explorers – Galaxy In A Jar [4+]
Join us for pre-school introduction into the anatomy of a galaxy. On July 23rd at 2 PM, the Parker Williams Library will be having a fun activity for some of our younger kids to explore and learn about what makes up a galaxy while making their own galaxies in a jar.

Special Guest @ STEM Club! Come Meet a Beekeeper

STEM Club: Bees for Gades 2-5.

Celebrate Earth Day a week early as we learn about the importance of bees in our environment. Talk with a special beekeeper guest and ask questions! We'll be having a honey tasting; so, please be aware of any allergies beforehand. 

When:Monday, April 15 at 4 pm. 

This is a free program but requires registration.  

STEM Time – Balloon Race Car [8+] - Wednesday, August 22nd at 5 PM



Join us in the Library Community Room on Wednesday, August 22nd at 5 PM for STEM Time project.

We are going to be learning about Newton’s Laws as we build and test our own Balloon Race Cars.

Come join us for an awesome action and reaction.  

Science in July

Tuesday, July 10th at 10:30 PM – Science Explorers – Magnets [5+]

Looking for some science for your little guys and gals? Science Explorers is a science programs for kids 5 and up to explore basic scientific principles. Come on down to the Parker Williams Branch Library on Tuesday, July 10th at 10:30 AM. This month, we will be exploring the fascinating world of magnets.

 Wednesday, July 18th at 5 PM – STEM Time -- Sound Vibrations [8+]

Not only do libraries rock, but science does too. Learn the science behind sound vibrations. Join us in the Library Community Room on Wednesday, July 18th at 5 PM to learn about sound vibration, sound waves, and much more. 

Nutty Scientist Show This Thursday

Calling all Scientists! If you are ready to have fun with science, then the Nutty Scientist show is for you. Kids ages 5-13 are invited to attend the Nutty Scientist Castaway show this Thursday, June 7, at 3:00 PM, where they will explore incredible experiments and will have a chance to volunteer as "brave assistants" during the program. Space is limited, tickets will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. For more information, please contact the branch at 832-927-5530.

Teens: Celebrate Summer with Candy, Geodes, and K-Pop!

School's out and the party is on at the library! On Tuesday, June 5th at 7pm, Club Anime presents Kawaii Candy. Make your favorite Japanese DIY candy kits and sample Japanese treats.

On Wednesday at 3pm, break open geodes at Geodes and Jewels! 

On Thursday, June 7th at 3pm, join us for K-Pop Club! Listen to the latest hits, make a special craft, and taste Korean snacks.

Club Anime is for ages 13-18, Geodes and Jewels and Kpop Club is for grades 6-12. 

Creepy Mad Science Laboratory!

Hey kids!  Come to the Children's Area on Thursday, October 19th at 5:00 pm for Creepy Mad Science LaboratoryHave creepy fun and conduct ghoulish, gross experiments.  This is a FREE program for children ages 7 - 12.  Call 832-559-4235 to register! 

Super, Crazy Science!

An interactive program of hands-on science experiments and music!

Featuring the super, crazy scientist and musician Mark Shepherd.



Date: Wednesday, June 21 

Time: 3:00 p.m.

For ages 5-11

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Space is limited. Free tickets will be available 30 minutes prior to program. Children must be able to sit through program on their own; adults and younger siblings will be admitted on a space available basis.

Photo provided by Mark Sheperd.

STEM Time – Chemistry January 19th @ 5 PM [8+]

     Have you ever wondered what will happen if you mix the blue stuff with the red stuff? Will it fizz? Will it explode? Will it make a poisonous gas that will make me the next super hero villain?

     Come and join us in the Library Community Room on January 19th starting at 5 PM to see simple chemical experiments that you can replicate at home.



For more about Chemistry (Click Here):

True Gore

Thrillers and horror books can creep you out and keep you awake. But they are nothing compared to the real world. If you have a strong stomach, these authors have written books about grim and gory subjects most people try to avoid. Read at your own risk:

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