Kingwood Park H.S. Madrigal Singers at Kingwood Library


On December 12th, the Kingwood Park H.S. madrigal singers came to the Kingwood Library and sang for us on the second floor lobby area. Patrons and staff alike enjoyed hearing timeless holiday songs. Thanks for lending your voices to the library, Kingwood Park H.S.!  Happy Holidays!

Sing In The Key Of Off

Singing For DummiesI've spent much of my life singing.  Not professionally, of course.  I'll sing along with the radio in my car, while watching a movie at home, and when any old 

Gleek Out!: The Sequel


While you are waiting for the Glee Season One, Volume 2 soundtrack to appear in the HCPL catalog or the DVD version of Glee: Season 1 Volume 1:The Road To Sectionals to be released, why not check out the Glee tunes by the original artists.




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