Build A Space Colony!

It's time for NASA@MyLibrary again! Join us on Saturday, June 15 at 11am and Build A Space Colony through big team play with life size props! Will your team's structure pass the UV Shelter test to protect your "astronaut"? This program is recommended for ages 6-12 years. Free tickets are available at the front desk and we will meet in the Public Meeting Room. All materials supplied. Program length is 1 hr.

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Tuesday June STEM Programs

Tuesday, June 11th at 2 PM – STEM Time – Solar Ovens [8+]
It always feels like the surface of the sun outside during the summer. On Tuesday, June 11th, we are going to try and harness that power to make solar ovens in the Community Room. Join us at 2 PM to learn about convection, conduction, and radiation as well as melt some food.  


Tuesday, June 25th at 2 PM – Science Explorers – Basic Robotics [4+]
Join us for pre-school introduction into the world of robotics. On June 25th at 2 PM, the Parker Williams Library will be having some fun activities for some of our younger kids to explore the world of robotics and basic coding with Bee Bots. 

Wednesday, May 15th at 5 PM – STEM Time – Howtoons Robotic Hand Project [8+]




We are going to try to recreate the Robots Within Reach project that you can find in the Howtoons kids maker book by Saul Giffith.

You can make your android grippers right here at the Parker Williams Community Room On May 15th at 5 PM.

Wednesday, April 24th at 5 PM – STEM Time – Poetry of Science [8+]



April is National Poetry Month, and we will be combining the art of poetry with the vocabulary of science.

Join us in the Community Room on Wednesday, April 24th at 5 PM to make some poetry with the various scientific terms and jargon that are thrown around classrooms all throughout the year. 

Special Guest @ STEM Club! Come Meet a Beekeeper

STEM Club: Bees for Gades 2-5.

Celebrate Earth Day a week early as we learn about the importance of bees in our environment. Talk with a special beekeeper guest and ask questions! We'll be having a honey tasting; so, please be aware of any allergies beforehand. 

When:Monday, April 15 at 4 pm. 

This is a free program but requires registration.  

Wednesday, March 20th at 5 PM – STEM Time – Rainbows [8+]



March 20th is the first day of Spring.

Spring makes us think of renewal, growth, fluffy bunnies, and rain. And what comes after the rain?


Learn about light and what makes a rainbow so colorful at the Parker Williams Library at 5 PM in the Community Room. 


At STEAM Camp on Monday, January 28 at 6pm we'll be exploring engineering and gravity principles when we design our own mini parachutes! All materials are supplied and no tickets are required-just show up! STEAM Camp is recommended for ages 6-12 years. We'll be enjoying this activity in the Public Meeting Room.

See future STEAM Camp programs on our online monthly calendar, where you can view upcoming events, including Spring Break...STEAM Camp features Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activity themed programs.

Wednesday, January 16th at 5 PM – STEM Time – Growing Crystals [8+]



Learn a little bit more about the crystallization that goes on when snowflakes are formed as well as be part of an experiment that will allow you to grow some crystals of your own.


Join us in the Room 3 at the Parker Williams Branch Library at 5 PM for a flurry of science.       

Wednesday, November 14th at 5 PM – STEM Time – Musical Boomwhackers [6+]



Join us in the Library Community Room on Wednesday, November 14th at 5 PM for an exploration of sound and percussion using the Boomwhacker musical instruments.

Help with some teamwork as we plays some popular songs.  

Wednesday, October 17th at 5 PM – STEM Time – Microscope Exploration [6+]

Join us in the Library Community Room on Wednesday, October 17th at 5 PM for an exploration of all things big and small.

Using some child friendly magnification, you will be able to explore all sorts of different specimens from plants to insects to sea life. 

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