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Streaming Video @ HCPL

Update: Kanopy Service Extended for Six Weeks

We are happy to announce that Kanopy streaming video service has been extended for six weeks. During that time, Kanopy and Harris County Public Library will explore the possibility of longer-term continuation of the service.

Kanopy offers a wide range of independent films, critically acclaimed documentaries and classic cinema from the renowned Criterion Collection, as well as access to the Great Courses catalog. 

Getting started with Kanopy

Overdrive Streaming Video @ HCPL

Recently, we have been beefing up our selection of streaming videos in Overdrive These videos are available to stream via the Overdrive app or on your browser. Several PBS documentaries such as Ken Burns’ The War, The National Parks and The Roosevelts, are available 24/7. Also on offer are several Great Courses, workout videos, and a variety of award-winning and popular films from around the world.

For Great Cinema, HCPL & Kanopy Have You Covered


Thousands of Independent and Classic Films from the Criterion Collection Now Streaming Free with your Library Card

Your selection of videos at Harris County Public Library has just grown by over 25,000 titles. HCPL recently added the streaming video service, Kanopy, to its digital roster. Kanopy focuses on independent films, critically acclaimed documentaries and classic cinema from the renowned Criterion Collection. A New Way to Watch TV

When I was a kid, I remember rushing home after school to watch my favorite cartoons like He-Man and Thundercats (I had a big brother so I rarely watched girly stuff). If I didn't make it home in time, I wouldn't catch the beginning of the show - or I might miss it altogether! Those were the days before we had cable TV and we only had 6 or so channels to choose from and we had to actually get up and walk to the TV to change the channel because we didn't have a fancy-schmancy "clicker." Eventually, we got cable TV and later a VCR. Finally, we could record things and watch them whenever we wanted - as long as we remembered to put in a blank tape and set the VCR to record. Fast-forward to adulthood and TiVo. Oh, how I have loved my TiVo!

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