Suspense fiction

Spring Branch-Memorial Library--The Page Turners

ConfessionTitle to be discussed: The confession by John Grisham.  Date of meeting: Tuesday, March 10, 6:30pm.  Summary: "When Travis Boyette is paroled because of inoperable brain tumor, for the first time in his life, he decides to do the right thing and tell police about a crime he committed and another man is about to be executed for."

The Terrors of the Deep Blue Sea

When you read this blog post, you all have to promise me one thing: hum the theme song from Jaws as you continue reading. In case you didn't know  -  it's Shark Week.

Need Some Chilling Thrills?

Antarctic mountains

Had enough of the dog days of summer? Wouldn’t a nice icy gust of cold air feel nice right about now? And if your fan’s not working, why not try your imagination? Perhaps you need a chill or two to escape the heat and humidity. How about a nice cold breeze from the Antarctic? Remember, when it’s summer in Texas, it’s the dead of winter on the driest, coldest, windiest continent on earth.

Ready for a blast of chilling thrills? Enhance your imagination with some of these chilling thrillers:

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