Take Your Child to the Library Day 2013

Take Your Child to the Library Day!

kids and parents doing crafts togetherWe're planning lots of fun for our first Take Your Child to the Library Day. Join us this Saturday, Feb. 2 from 11 am to 1 pm. We'll have a tour of the library, storytime, and family activities. Come and join the fun!

Take Your Child to the Library Day @ North Channel

bookmarkCelebrate "Take Your Child to the Library Day" by making a cartoon character bookmark in the library this Saturday, February 2nd @ 3:30 pm. And don't forget to sign your child up for a card while you're here! 

Every Day is Take Your Child to the Library Day

Mom and child reading at the librarymom and child sharing a bookThere are the big ones: your first kiss, your first car, your first paycheck; then there are the somewhat lesser firsts that somehow you remember just as well and almost as fondly. For a lot of Harris County Public Library’s customers, their first visit to a library is one of those. There’s something about a library that kids understand without much explaining. Children just naturally get the idea that books are made to be shared, and that life is full of possibilities, and that somehow those two notions are related.

We at Harris County Public Library think every day should be Take Your Child to the Library Day, but it’s alright with us if the folks up in Connecticut set aside, as they did, one day a year to remind everyone what a magical, life-enhancing place a library can be for a child, and that one of the best ways to give children a lifelong love of reading is for parents to read to them and to read for pleasure themselves, not to mention that a trip to the library is a no-cost, hassle-free chance for some quiet (or not so quiet) together-time.

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