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Summer Volunteer Orientation May 19th @ 5 PM [12+]

It’s time for teens, twelve and up, to get those summer plans started.

On May 19th in the Library Community Room at 5PM, we are going to be having our Summer Volunteer Orientation. All those who want to fulfill volunteer hours for National Honors Society or Junior National Honors Society, school requirements, or just for something fun and different to do.

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SLP Volunteer Decoration Work Days April 22nd and 29th @ 3:30-5:30 PM [12+]

     With summer just around the corner, the Parker Williams Branch wants to get ready for an exciting three months.

     Help us create SLP decorations on Friday April 22nd and 29th from 3:30PM to 5:30 PM.

     Open to all volunteers above the age of 12 years old with completed Harris County Public Library Volunteer Application.

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Teen Volunteering


Want to volunteer this summer? Are you in middle school or high school? Well, Teen Volunteer Training is a must for you! On June 11th at 5:00, you can find out what it takes to be a volunteer at the library. We will cover your responsibilities and what you can expect when you arrive. This training is mandatory for all volunteers, and would look amazing on your college applications! See you there!

Holiday Bulletin Boards

Memorial high school students, Hannah, Brittany and Kiera showcase their creative talents by designing and decorating the Holiday bulletin boards in the children's area of the Spring Branch Memorial Library. Check out the pictures in the slideshow below.

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