A not so silent night

I enjoy the occasional historical fiction; it doesn’t really matter what time period it takes place. However, I normally avoid Victorian fiction, I find it boring. This series has changed my mind completely. Deanna Raybourn has created a vivid world in which the reader can easily picture what’s happening and where the characters are. In the first installment, Lady Julia Grey is newly widowed, having just lost her husband to a life-long ailment. Her world is turned upside down when it is suggested that her late husband may have been murdered. Thus the mystery begins!

English Victorian Novels: Four Golden Oldies

We tend to think of the life of the English population a century and a half ago as quaint, cluttered, and repressed. However they saw themselves on the frontier of a great social change. The aristocracy saw their social position and role in society challenged by a new and wealthy class of merchants and manufacturers. Reform Bills were hotly debated and then passed by the parliament increasing the size of the electorate. At the same time traditional gender roles were beginning to be questioned and challenged. It was an exciting time and it produced a feast for fiction fans, especially fans of the weighty tome stuffed with intriguing characters and spiced with surprising, and often ironic, twists of plot and phrase. 

 Dickens, Brontë, Thackeray, Eliot


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