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On the Shelf: The Season of Second Chances

The seduction began with the title (I so love “second chance” stories), the cover art and a good review. Mix in a middle-aged college professor protagonist, a small New England town and an old Victorian house in desperate need of repair, as Diane Meier has in The Season of Second Chances, and I’ve added the book to my “must read” list.
Not only the house needs restoration in Meier’s wise and witty (albeit a bit wordy) debut novel. English professor Joy Harkness and town handyman Teddy Hennessy prove that everyone of every age can benefit from a little renovation in their lives. I liked the college town setting and I loved the house. In fact, the house was my favorite character.

On the Shelf: The Widow's Season

I hadn’t planned on reading The Widow’s Season by Laura Brodie. I wasn’t familiar with the author’s work, and the title wasn’t on the list of “books to be read” I’ve culled from magazine and newspaper reviews. So…what was the draw?

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