Keep Track of Your Books/Reading with FictionDB and FictFact

book stack imageDo you keep a small spiral notebook full of lists?  Which books you've read, which books are next in a series, new authors you want to check out?  Or maybe you've got an elaborate Excel spreadsheet, tabbed and color-coded by genre?

Well, try out two online databases, FictionDB and FictFact, that not only let you keep track of what you have read, but also what you're reading now and what you're planning on reading.  You can search by author, title, series, and more.  Each database lets you rate the books and has an extensive new release calendar for tracking newly published titles.  

New Year, New Tokyopop?

TokyopopLast year brought many tears to lovers of Tokyopop, a manga publisher that stopped production in late Spring.

LED Vs. LCD Televisions

tv view clip artI recently started looking for a small flat-screen television to put in our upstairs game room.  I expected to be looking through the traditional LCD and Plasma options when I noticed a third option, LED.  What?  Let me state for the record that I've only bought two TV's in the last two years, and those were purchased after I had two previous TV's for approximately 12 years each.  I still have a humongous 36in. tube television upstairs.  It still works, but it takes up so much physical space I'm considering replacing it.  While I consider myself somewhat of a techie, it doesn't always extend to television technology.  

60 Seconds on the Internet

infographic   I heard this weekend that the world population will reach 7 billion people by the end of the week, so when I stumbled across this "In 60 Seconds" infographic while  browsing the web I stopped and really thought about how communication has grown exponentially in the last 150 years. 

Lit Geek Heaven: Pennsound Audio Archive

Pennsound Website Banner

Pennsound's mission is to collect, and make available to the public free of charge, recordings of contemporary authors and poets reading their own work, as well as to preserve recordings of authors from the past.

Arrrrrr! Learn to Talk Like a Pirate with Mango Languages!

Talk Like a Pirate screenshotThe pirate speaks: International Talk Like a Pirate Day be September 19th. . . time t' celebrate! If you need t' brush up on pirate, check out Mango Languages! They be offerin' a Pirate Language course in honor o' Talk Like a Pirate Day. (courtesy the English-to-Pirate Translator)

That is to say: International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th. . . time to celebrate! If you need to brush up on pirate, check out Mango Languages! They are offering a Pirate Language course in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day.

ChooseMyPlate.govYou can say 'goodbye' to the food pyramid--the USDA just announced the new MyPlate government guide to healthy eating. The decades old food pyramid was widely considered difficult to comprehend. The plate breaks down the components of a well-balanced meal into a simple to understand diagram. The new website includes a clickable image of the plate with tips and advice on each component, as well as a wealth of resources for learning about healthful eating. There are dietary guidelines, interactive tools, and plenty of information on feeding healthy kids. Take a look!

Swiftly Tilting Planets on NASA's Solar System Exploration Site

If you are as fascinated by space exploration as I am, you'll love NASA's Solar System Exploration Site. The beautifully designed site has been nominated for a Webby Award. Spinning planets in the header allow you to click for information on each one.

Other sections contain a wealth of information on NASA missions, science and technology, and wonderful multimedia stories. The Kids section is full of great facts and interactive games for your child to explore. Way cool!

Customize your iGoogle account with Comics Themes

Love comics? Love Google? If so, this should make your day! I just stumbled across an array of comics themes for iGoogle including themes with illustrations of Gene Luen Yang's The Eternal Smile, Mike Mignola's Hellboy, Jim Davis' Garfield, and many more! So let your comic geek flag fly and personalize your Google landing page with your favorite comic book artists!

Earth Day

NASA Blue Marble

Friday, April 22 is Earth Day and we hope you can make small (or big) changes to show our planet we love it.
ReNest, a personal favorite site to follow for green living tips and more, recently shared 10 Things You Can Do Today to Start Living Greener. Here are a few that I am starting to do which are mentioned in their tips:

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