Nifty Website: Ransom Note Generator

Thanks to a favorite blog of mine, Man Made DIY, I learned about Ransom Note Generator. This generator is a basic site that allows you to enter in a phrase and will generate your phrase with random letters! So if you're ever interested in making a ransom note or send a creative note to show off your techy skills, use this site!

Your Pathway to Knowledge

Also, Man Made DIY is an interesting site to follow for tutorials on neat and unique crafts. They also post about inspirational sources, neat videos, and products. Some tutorials are simple, others are complex; but this site has never ceased to entertain (and educate) me!


Be Creative with BeFunky

A major perk of the internet is the wealth of sites that offer tools that you can use at no cost! For folks who have photographs that are a bit on the drab side or would like to play with, consider BeFunky, a website that allows you to add artistic elements to your photographs.

If making your photos cool(er) isn't enough, BeFunky recently added editing tools! Here are a couple samples I used with BeFunky's Photo Effects on a black & white photo I took in Denton, TX.

Here is the original: 

Denton BW

Pinhole Effect:

Kids Eat Free

Check out these websites for potential free Kids meals.  Remember, buyer beware!  Or, more specifically, call before you visit to verify that the restaurant in question is still honoring the advertised deals or verify the rules for getting the free meals.

GIMP Your Photos

GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program.  Now, I now what you're thinking..."huh?".  I had the same reponse, and I'll admit I had to look up the meaning of GNU (a computer operating system comprised entirely of free software).  Basically, this means that GIMP, despite it's rather unfortunate name, is a super-duper, Photoshop like, photo editing software that is completely free.  That's right, free!

Snopes: Bust a Myth

Interested in urban legends? Ever wondered if Mikey from the Life cereal commercials really died from eating Pop Rocks with Diet Coke (False)? Concerned a friend or loved one is getting taken in by a 419 scam (True)? has been around for ages and is one of the better urban legend sites out there. When I taught basic computer classes, one concern my students had was how they could identify email scams and protect themselves from fraud. I still recommend this site to new email users as a reference if they receive any suspicious email. The "Inboxer Rebellion" and "Frauds and Scams" sections are two of the most useful, but the other categories are fun to look through too!

ValueLine Now Available Remotely

ValueLine LogoWe are pleased to announce that the popular ValueLine database, which is a resource for investors, is now available to remote users.  To use Valueline remotely, you will need your library card number to log in.

View the Panoramic World

panorama picture of carnival in rioNo time to visit the Taj Mahal or the mountains of Machu Picchu?  How about a virtual visit with  View the world in full panorama glory.  Sit back and enjoy the view, and be sure and check out the New 7 Wonders tab.

Convert Your Files Online with Zamzar

caterpillar butterfly imageOne question I often get asked working in the library, is how to convert files from one file type to another.  For example, many companies will request that you send documents (a resume, perhaps) in a PDF format, but most likely your document is currently in a Microsoft Word format.  With Zamzar, you can easily convert from Word to PDF in less than a minute (no scanner hardware needed!). 

Good News, Good News - Read All About It

smile face with newspaperThey say no news is good news (or at least King James I of England is said to have first uttered the phrase), but I would have to disagree.  Lets face it, the news is often filled with stories that leave us (or at least me) feeling sad, upset, or just plain tired.  So, sometimes, you do need to see and/or hear about good news.  The stories that remind you of all the good happening both close to home and far away.  To that end, check out these two websites that offer good news only; Good News Now and Happy News.

Find a Clip From Your Favorite Movie With MovieClips!

I'm not the kind of person who can fire off movie lines from an impressive catalog of movies. But for those with the knack for memorizing lines from movies, you can type those lines in at and see the clip that goes with the quote. The site has worked with several movie studios to get the clips online and the quality of the clips is outstanding.  

I typed in "my name is inigo montoya" and found this clip from one of my all-time favorite movies, The Princess Bride. Honestly, I could spend hours on this site browsing through all the clips. Check it out and let me know what your favorite movie quote is!

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