Story Time

Father's Day
Submitted by: Somer, Freeman
• Pre-school
The Daddy Book by:Todd Parr
All about different kinds of daddies -very inclusive, awesome illustrations, very colorful.
What Dads Can't Do by:Douglas Wood
Very cute book about all the things dads can't do, like win at games, swing, or sleep late.
Papa Please Get the Moon for Me by:Eric Carle
A little girl wants to play with the moon so her dad climbs to the top of a mountain and to the top of a very tall ladder to get the moon.
Five Little Ducks
Five little ducks went out to play
Over the hill and far away
When the mama duck called with a quack, quack, quack
Four little ducks came waddling back.

Four little ducks...
Three little ducks...
Two little ducks...
One little ducks...

No little ducks when out to play
Over the hills and far away.
When the DADDY duck called with a QUACK QUACK QUACK

Five little ducks came running back!
Just like B-I-N-G-O

There is a man who loves me so
And Daddy is his name-o.
And Daddy is his name-o.

Wiggle Your Fingers
(I do this before the first story)
From I'm a Little Teapot by Jane Cobb

I wiggle my fingers.
I wiggle my toes.
I wiggle my shoulders
And I wiggle my nose.
Now all the wiggles are out of me
And I'm just as quiet as I can be.

Dad Certificate Very simple craft (courtesy of Donna Marie/Freeman) Best Dad in the World Certificate Using Publisher or other print software, create a certificate, about 4"x6" with "Best Dad in the World" written on it. Have the kids glue the certificate to colored construction paper and sign their names.
I always start out with Shake Your Sillies Out (I play The Wiggles version and have the kids dance along), then do I Wiggle My Fingers, and end with Head and Shoulders, Baby.