Story Time

Submitted by: Shelly Lynn, Evelyn Meador
• Pre-school
Water by:Carme Sole Vendrell & J. M. Parramon
A simple book that lists all the different places one might find water... in a glass, flowing from a faucet, in a marsh etc.
Moonbear's Pet by:Frank Asch
Moonbear believes his new pet, Splash, is a cute little fish. Over several weeks, Splash begins to change and Bear and Bird argue about what Splash is becoming. After Splash is revealed to be a frog rather than a bear, bird or fish, the three friends make-up and frolic in the water together.
The Snail and the Whale by:Julia Donaldson
This story is told in rhyme. The snail, who desperately wants to travel, befriends a whale and they sail off together to see the world.
Duckie's Rainbow by:Frances Barry
A very short and sweet book. As the pages of the book are turned, a rainbow is built color by color until it is complete on the last page.
Bubble Bath Pirates! by:Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Two little boys and their "Pirate Mommy" have an imaginative bath time. The kids at my storytime enjoy repeating pirate phrases such as "Shiver me timbers" and "Blimey".
Sara the Whale
In 'Frisco bay there lived a whale
And she ate oysters by the pail
by the thimble,
by the teacup,
by bathtub and by schooner.

Her name was Sara and when she smiled
Her teeth would shine for miles and miles.
And her tonsils.
And her spare ribs.
and things too fierce to mention!
Now what would you do with a whale like that?
Oh what would you do if she sat on your hat?
Or your toothbrush?
Or your librarian (counselor)?
Or anything else that's helpless like that.

Itsy - Bitsy, Spider
The itsy-bitsy spider
went up the waterspout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
and the itsy-bitsy spider
went up the spout again.

I play music before storytime while the kids are making their nametags. Catch a Wave: Beach Songs for Kids works really well for this theme. I sometimes have the kids do "spider warm-ups" when we sing Itsy-Bitsy Spider. Sara the whale is a song I learned at summer camp as a child.