Story Time

Submitted by: Jeff Coyle, Tomball
• Schoolage
I Want to be a Librarian by:Daniel Liebman
The only nonfiction book on this list. I used this at a storytime I did at a local preschool during their careers week.
The Noisy Airplane Ride by:Mike Downs
Don't Eat the Teacher by:Nick Ward
Froggy Goes to the Doctor by:Jonathan London
Oh, look, see our airplanes (look up)
Away up in the sky (point)
Watch us gliding through the air (fly around the room-you can also simulate flying while sitting down)
This is how we fly.
This helper builds our houses.
This helper brings our mail.
This helper teaches the children.
And this one has groceries to sell.
And this little helper, yes, it's me.
When I grow up,
What will I be?
--(pop up fingers one at a time)
Here is My Book
Here is my book,
(hold hands together as if a book, then open)
I open it wide,
To see all the pictures,
that are inside.