Story Time

Submitted by: June, Aldine
• Pre-school
Snowmen at Night by:Buehner, Mark
Snowmen play games at night when no one is watching.
Midnight Snowman by:Bauer, Caroline Feller
In a town where it hardly snows, one neighborhood's parents and children take advantage of a late night snow by building a snowman before the snow turns to rain.
All You Need for a Snowman by:Schertle, Alice
Lists everything that one needs to build the perfect snowman, from the very first snowflake that falls.
Snow Family by:Kirk, Daniel
A young boy decides to build a snow family to take care of his snowboy the way his parents take care of him.
Bob's Vacation by:Rau, Dana Meachen
A snowman becomes bored with snow because it is not colorful enough.
The Best Snowman by:Nash, Margaret
When Robby builds a different snowman for each of his neighbors, Mr. Perry thinks that his teeny-weeny snowman is the best.
Dance Like Snowflakes (Frere Jacques)
Dance like snowflakes, dance like snowflakes,
In the Air, in the Air,
Whirling, Twirling snowflakes, whirling, twirling snowflakes,
Here and there, here and there.
Snowkey Pokey
You put your mittens in, you put your mittens out. You put your mittens in, and you shake them all about. You do the Snowkey Pokey and you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about.
Of course you can add more verses using Snow boots, Snow caps and Snow suits.
I Built a Little Snowman
I built a little snowman. (make circle with hands) He had a carrot nose. (point to nose) Along came a bunny. (hole up two bent fingers) And what do you suppose? That hungry little bunny, (make bunny again) Looking for his lunch, (hop bunny around) Ate the snowman's nose. (pretend bunny is eating nose) Nibble! Nibble! Crunch! (pretend to be eating a carrot)
Five Little Snowmen
Five little snowmen, jolly and fat.
The first one waved a big, black hat.
The second one clapped his hands in the cold. The third one's eyes blinked and rolled. The fourth one stamped his feet up and down and the fifth one turned around and around.
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