Story Time

Jungle 1
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Toddler • Pre-school
Who is the Beast? by:Baker, Keith
When a tiger suspects he is the beast the jungle animals are fleeing from, he returns to them and points out their similarities.
Crocodile Beat by:Jorgensen, Gail
Lying in wait in the water, Crocodile hears a multitude of animal sounds and plans on having a tasty dinner, but he is bested by Lion.
Jungle Jamboree by:Knutson, Kimberley
One rainy day, couch cushion forts and blanket tents are magically transformed into a jungle party with drumming and humming and clapping and snapping and fierce jaguars and softly slithery snakes.
The Big Yawn by:Faulkner, Keith
Increasingly larger animals, from a little bug to a terrible tiger, open their mouths in yawns before closing their eyes to go to sleep.
Africa Calling : Nighttime Falling by:Adlerman, Daniel
A girl imagines herself in Africa with lions, elephants, monkeys, rhinos, zebras, and other animals.
We're Going on a Lion Hunt by:Axtell, David
Two girls set out bravely in search of a lion, going through long grass, a swamp, and a cave before they find what they're looking for.
All by Myself by:Bates, Ivan
A young elephant learns how to do things on his own...with a little help from mom.
Anansi and the Talking Melon by:Kimmel, Eric A
A clever spider tricks Elephant and some other animals into thinking the melon in which he is hiding can talk.
Edward in the Jungle by:McPhail, David M
Edward loves to read about Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, and one afternoon he becomes so absorbed in his book that he finds himself deep in Tarzan's jungle.
Rain Forest Animals
Rain Forest Animals
Submitted By: Heather Blanchard
Sung to: Take me out the ball game

Take me into the rain forest,
Take me into the green.
Show me the monkeys up in the trees,
Show me butterflies, parrots, and bees!

Let me look, look, look for a tiger,
With a coat of yellow and gold,
For it's fun to see all the creatures
Our rain forests hold!

Take me into the rain forest,
Take me under the leaves,
Lizards and pythons are on the ground.
Sloths are hanging from trees upside down!

Let me look, look, look for a toucan,
With a beak of red, blue, and green.
Yes, it's fun to see all the rain forest
Sights I've seen!

An Elephant Goes An elephant goes like this and that
He's terrible wide
And terrible fat
He has two fingers
He had two toes
BUT, goodness gracious WHAT A NOSE!!!!
5 Little Monkeys
5 little monkeys high up in the tree.
Teasing Mr. Alligator,
"You can't catch me, can't catch me, can't catch me!"
Along comes Mr. Alligator quiet as can be?SNAP! that monkey right out of that tree!

Continue song counting down till?
0 little monkeys?Along comes Mr. Alligator fat as can be!
Why is he so fat?

Swing, Swing

Have the children stand in a circle and hold hands. While you recite the following poem, have them swing their arms up and down.

Little monkeys swinging in the tree,
All hold hands and swing with me.
Swing up high and swing down low,
Swing in the tree, now don't let go!
Swing, swing, like I do.
Swing like monkeys in the Jungle.

100 Animals
I went to the Jungle
And what did I see?
100 animals
Looking at me.
There were,
10 tall giraffes, eating from the trees.
10 silly monkeys, scratching on their knees.
10 sleeping snakes, lying in the sun.
10 munching elephants, eating peanuts one by one.
10 leaping tigers, performing in the shows,
10 pink flamingos, standing on their toes.
10 spinning spiders, trying to make their web.
10 happy hippos, in the water deep.
10 roaring lions, walking two by two.
10 galloping zebras, all living in the Jungle.
Dragon Fly Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper towel tube, yellow paper, and large googly eyes.

Directions: Use a paper towel tube and have them decorate a piece of paper (yellow) that fits around the tube. Then tape it around the tube. Trace the children's hands (2) and tape one to either side of the tube near the top. Add eyes- large (oval
shaped- flat on bottom), so that they are sticking up above top of tube. It's really cute. Looks like it's clapping it's hands - it's actually flapping it's wings......

Wax Paper Wings Original Author Unknown

Need: Tag board, wax paper, crayons or markers, and a toothpick

Directions: Cut and color a bee body out of heavy tag board paper. Add wings by using four pieces of wax paper shaped to fit the bee. Attach a stinger on the rear with a toothpick. What a creature!
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