Story Time

Tooth Tales
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Schoolage
Tabitha's terrifically tough tooth by:Middleton, Charlotte
A young girl tries everything she can think of to make her loose tooth fall out in time to leave it for the Tooth Fairy
The night before the Tooth Fairy by:Wing, Natasha
Inspired by Clement Moore's Christmas poem, this verse tells the story of a boy's lost tooth.
Nice try, Tooth Fairy by:Olson, Mary
Hoping to get back her lost tooth, Emma writes a series of letters to the Tooth Fairy, but when the wrong teeth keep getting returned the mistakes create complications.
Rosie's baby tooth by:Macdonald, Maryann
Rosie loses a tooth and has to be convinced to leave it for the Tooth Fairy.
Dear Tooth Fairy by:O'Connor, Jane
As Class Picture Day approaches, Robby is upset about being the only child in class who has not lost a tooth, and so he writes a letter to the Tooth Fairy in hopes that she can help.
Alice and her fabulous teeth by:Maconie, Robin
Alice is famous for her teeth but when they begin to fall out, she wonders how much money the Tooth Fairy will give her for them.
Jane vs. the tooth fairy by:Jay, Betsy
Jane's mom and grandmother tell her that the Tooth Fairy will pay her money for her loose wiggly tooth, but Jane decides that she would rather keep the tooth.
Throw your tooth on the roof : tooth traditions from around the world by:Beeler, Selby B
Consists of brief statements relating what children from around the world do with a tooth that has fallen out. Includes facts about teeth. Travel around the world and discover the surprising things children do when they lose a tooth. Selby B. Beeler spent years collecting traditions from every corner of the glove for this whimsical book, and G. Brian Karas adds to the fun, filling every page with humorous detail. He perfectly captures the excitement and pride that children experience when a tooth falls out.
The American Dental Hygienists
Gives children valuable oral health information, answers to common questions about their teeth, and some fun online games.
Note to Parents: It can be a somewhat scary experience for children to lose their first baby tooth. However, you can help support you child by reading books and talking to them.