Story Time

Dirty / Messy
Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
Pigs aplenty, pigs galore by:McPhail, David
Silly rhyme about pigs.
Sheep in a jeep by:Shaw, Nancy
Max cleans up by:Wells, Rosemary
Max the bunny gets in a mess.
Ten dirty pigs, ten clean pigs by:Roth, Carol
Pigs, dirt and counting.
Clean enough by:Henkes, Kevin
The other side of being dirty.
I can take a bath by:Watanabe, Shigeo
A young bear tries to take care of himself.
Huggly takes a bath by:Arnold, Tedd
I stink by:McMullan, Kate
Messy / Dirty
[tune: Hokey Pokey]
You put dirty clothes in,
You put soap in,too;
You put dirty clothes in
Then the agitator starts.
Clothes swish in soapy water
'Til they get really clean.
Thanks Mr. Washing Machine.
After a bath
[do actions along with words]
After a bath I try, try, try
To rub myself dry, dry, dry.
Hands to dry, fingers and toes;
Two wet legs and a shiny nose.
Just think how much less time it would take
If I were a dog and could shake, shake, shake.
Put on my raincoat
[do actions along with words]
Put on my raincoat
Pull on my galoshes;
Jumping in puddles
Making splishes and sploshes.