Story Time

Submitted by: Theresa, Freeman
• Pre-school
Fall Leaves Fall! by:Zoe Hall
Two brothers tell their enjoyment of fall especially when leaves change and they start to fall.
When Autumn Falls by:Kelli Nidey
The book describes the things that happen in the season of fall as the children watch the changing of the leaves when school starts. It also, describes the children playing in the stacks of leaves, crunchy sound, watching football, going to the all festivals as the leaves start to go away.
Fall Leaves Fall
Leaves are falling: leaves are falling
From the trees down to the ground.
Some are orange and some are yellow.
Some are even red and Brown!

They are swishing; they are cracking when I go out for a walk.
They are saying, ?It is autumn!?
In their leafy kind of talk!
Five Fall Leaves
Five fall leaves hanging from a tree
(Point to each finger)

The green one said, ?I haven?t changed, you see.?

The Yellow one said, ?I?m as bright as the sun.?

The Red one said, ?Well, I?m the brightest one.?

The Orange one said, ?Hey, I don?t care.?

The Brown one said, ?Let?s dance in the air.

So when the fall wind gently blew.
The leaves came off the tree and away they flew.
(Flutter hand through the air)

They swirled and twirled around and around
And then drifted softly to the ground.
(Bring hand toward the floor)

The Five Fall Leaves was used as a flannel board instead of a finger play.