Story Time

Wee Beasties
Submitted by: Jay Meyers, Freeman
• Pre-school
The Gunniwolf by:Wihelmina Harper
Lured by beautiful flowers, Little Girl wanders deep into the jungle where she encounters the Gunniwolf.
The Paper Bag Princess by:Robert Munsch
He smashed her castle, burned her clothes and carried off handsome Prince Ronald! With only a paper bag to wear, Princess Elizabeth is determined to chase down the dragon that turned her life into rubble and get her prince back.
Where the Wild Things Are by:Maurice Sendak
Sent to bed without supper, Max sails away to the land of the wild things.
The Secret in the Matchbox by:Val Willis
Bobby Bell takes a matchobx containing an awesome secret to school, where the class slowly and horrifyingly becomes involved with the contents.
See My Big and Scary Eyes
(Form circles around eyes fingers)
See my big and scary eyes?
Get ready for a big surprise.
(I'm a Little Teapot! compiled by Jane Cobb)
The Monster Stomp
If you want to be a monster, now's your chance
'Cause everybody's doing the monster dance.
You just stamp your feet,
Wave your arms around,
Stretch 'em up, strech 'em up
Then put them on the ground,
'Cause you're doing the monster stomp.
(I'm a Little Teapot! compiled by Jane Cobb)
Dashing Dragons
Print out the templates on construction paper and cut out. Children glue on wings and decorate. I provide colorful feathers, glitter and crayons for children to use in decorating.
I prefer William Wiesner's illustrated version of The Gunniwolf for a slightly dangerous looking Gunniwolf.