Story Time

Submitted by: Cheryl Rhoads, Tomball
• Pre-school
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well? by:Jane Yolen
Helps to teach the child that by cooperating with the doctor, resting and taking their medicine, they can get well soon just like a dinosaur.
Dinosaurs After Dark by:Jonathan Emmett
A little boy joins a group of frolicking dinosaurs for a night of fun on the town.
Dinosaurumpus by:Tony Mitton
All sorts of dinosaurs join in the dinosaurumpus and have a rolicking good time until T-Rex shows up.
Find-a-Saurus by:Mark Spurring
Despite his mother telling him that the dinosaurs no longer exist, a little boy insists on trying to find one, but only turns up a silly monster, elves, a giant, and the like. One time the reader believes he has finally found a saurus, only to have fold out pages reveal that it is only a dragon.
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by:Paul Strickland
The children can help count down the dinosaurs as they frolic from 10 to 0.
T-Rex Puppet
I introduce the T-Rex Puppet before the aforementioned story. I tell the children he has a cold and that all he can do is cough and sneeze. He immediately breaks into a lot of hacking and sneezing. Then I ask the children if they can help him get his roar back. I count to three and then we all give our biggest ROAR.
9 Little Dinosaurs ROAR
Make felt brontosauruses in the colors used in the song and coordinate the song with putting the dinos on the feltboard.

(Tune of Ten Little Indians)

1 red, 1 pink, 1 green dinosaur,
1 blue, 1 purple, 1 yellow dinosaur, 1 orange, 1 white, 1 black dinosaur
9 little dinosaurs ROAR!
The Dinosaurumpus
(Tune of The Hokey Pokey)
You stomp your right foot in
You stomp your right foot out
You stomp your right foot in
And you shake it all about
You do the Dinosaurumpus and you turn yourself about.
That's what it's all about!

2. Put your right paw in (etc.)
3. Put your dinosaur self in
All Around the Swamp
(Tune of Wheels on the Bus)

The Pterandon's wings went FLAP, FLAP, FLAP
The Pterandon's wings went FLAP, FLAP, FLAP
All around the swamp.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex went GRR, GRR, GRR......

The Tricerator's horn went POKE, POKE, POKE.....

The Brontosaurus went MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH.....

The Stagosaurus tail went SPIKE, SPIKE, SPIKE......
Dino Ditty, Ditty Dum Ditty Do
(Tune of Do wah Diddy Diddy)

Here he comes just a stomping with his feet
singing "Dino ditty, ditty dum ditty do"
Searching all around for something good to eat,
Singing "Dino ditty, ditty dum ditty do."
He's huge (He's huge). He's strong (he's strong).
He's huge, he's strong, won't be hungry very long
dino ditty, ditty dum ditty do....
Stegasaurus Hats

Color three paper plates for stegasaurus scales. Color the 4th plate with a mouth and eye (or use google eyes).

Staple three paper plates at the edges to form the back "plate" for the stegasaurus. Staple a fourth plate at a 90 degree angle to one end of the three you have previously stapled. Punch holes in the fourth plate and attach yarn so that the hat can be tied on.