Story Time

Submitted by: Jorie, Cy-Fair
• Pre-school
Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On by:Ehlert, Lois
This is a vividly colorful book about fish and counting. A child imagines what he would see if he became a fish.
Secret Seahorse by:Blackstone, Stella
This is an interactive book which encourages kids to look for the 'camera shy' seahorse with the turn of every page.
Ten Little Fish by:Wood, Audrey
This is a 'little fish' countdown. The book helps with counting backwards and with addition and subtraction.
Take Me Out to the Ocean
Sung to: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

Take me out to the ocean,
Take me out to the sea
There goes a starfish and sand dollar,
I'm having such fun, I've just got to holler
Oh, it's swim, swim, swim, underwater
Catch a ride on a whale, don't fear,
For the sea animals are our friends,
Let's give a great big cheer!

(from -
Fish Are Swimming
Sung to: "Frere Jacques"

Fish are swimming, fish are swimming,
In the sea, in the sea,
A-splishing and a-splashing,
A-splishing and a-splashing,
Look and see, look and see.

(from -
Paper Mosaic Fish with poles
Materials Needed:
1) Construction paper fish shape
2) Scraps of paper (various colors)
3) String or yarn
4) Plastic Straw
5) Glue stick or Elmer's Glue
6) Scotch tape

For preparation for this craft, the paper fish were cut using an Ellison cutter and 'fish #2' die cut. One can also trace the pattern of the fish. I chose white contruction paper.
The scrap came from leftover material from other crafts. The more variety in colors makes for my vibrant looking fish. I cut and tore scraps into small enough bits to fit onto the fish.
I cut a piece of yarn which was approximately 24 inches long. I tied one end of the yarn around the plastic straw. I secured the yarn with tape.
Each child received one plastic straw 'pole' with string and one fish. I placed piles of colorful scrap paper on the tables, allowing the kids to pick which pieces they wanted for their fish. They could select bits and glue them to the fish as they wished. When the child finished decorating his/her fish, the end of the yarn which was not knotted and taped to the straw could be pulled through the eye hole. However, it is easy to tape the other end of the string to the fish as well.