Story Time

Down South (Fractured Fairy Tales)
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Schoolage
Cactus soup by:Eric A. Kimmel
During the Mexican Revolution, when a troop of hungry soldiers comes to a town where all the food has been hidden, they charm the townspeople into helping make a soup from water and a cactus thorn.
The runaway tortilla by:Eric A. Kimmel
In this Southwestern version of the Gingerbread Man, a tortilla runs away from the woman who is about to cook him.
Bubba the cowboy prince : a fractured Texas tale by:Helen Ketteman
Loosely based on "Cinderella," this story is set is Texas, the fairy godmother is a cow, and the hero, named Bubba, is the stepson of a wicked rancher.
The jalapeno man by:Debbie Leland
Will anyone be able to catch the jalapeno man.
Cindy Ellen : a wild western Cinderella by:Susan Lowell
Cindy Ellen loses one of her diamond spurs at the square dance in this wild western retelling of the classic Cinderella story.
Dusty Locks and the three bears by:Susan Lowell
A Western-style retelling of the traditional tale about a little girl who finds the house of bear family and makes herself at home.
Little Red Cowboy Hat by:Susan Lowell
A Southwestern version of "Little Red Riding Hood" in which Little Red rides her pony Buck to Grandma's ranch with a jar of cactus jelly in the saddlebag.
The three little javelinas by:Susan Lowell
A southwestern adaptation of "The Three Little Pigs."
The tortoise and the jackrabbit by:Susan Lowell
Many of the animals that live in the southwestern desert witness the race between slow but steady Tortoise and the quick, overconfident Jackrabbit.

Straw Painting
Need: Straw, paint, paper

Directions: Have the children use pieces of straw for paintbrushes. Have them use different colors and see how they can paint with it and make it look different. When the paintings are finished, have them add the pieces of straw to their work for a different look.

Cowboy Hats

Need: Newspaper, masking tape, paint

Directions: Take 2 full sized sheets of newspaper for each hat and crisscross them.
Tape pages together so they don't slip and write name in what will be the inside of the hat. Put newspaper on child's head and wrap masking tape around the outside where the hat band would go. After that, roll and tape the edges to make the brim.
The child can paint the hat. (The taping process takes two adults).

Paper Bag Cowboy Vest
Need: Paper grocery bag, scissors, paint, paint brush.
Directions: Take a paper grocery bag, cut straight down the center to the bottom of the bag, cut a hole in the bottom of the bag (this will be the top) and cut a hole on each side for arms. You may need to cut and staple the shoulders for a better fitting vest. Have kids paint or decorate their cowboy vest.
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