Story Time

Submitted by: David, LaPorte
• Toddler
Mr. Gumpy?s Outing by:John Burningham
Mr. Gumpy takes his friends (mostly animals) out on his boat, but they misbehave, the boat topples, and everything gets resolved over tea back at his house. This story would work well with stuffed animals or puppets.
Tea for Ten by:Lena Anderson
Little Hedgehog's friends show up one by one for tea. This is a great counting story.
Sippety-Sup, Sippety-Sup (Chant)
"Sippety-Sup, Sippety-Sup,
I drink juice from a sippy-cup.
Sippety-Sup, Sippety-Sup,
Mom drinks tea from a pretty cup.
Sippety-Sup, Sippety-Sup,
Dad drinks coffee from a big-big cup.?

(Pretend to slurp tea after each pair of verses getting louder each time.)

This was adapted from a version on the Children Only ESL-EFL Website
Yeeeeoooouchhheee Tea! (Chant)
?Teabag in and teabag out,
Don?t burn your fingers or you?ll have to shout:
Yeeeeoooouchhheee! Yeeeeoooouchhheee Tea!

Pour some sugar, Pour some cream,
Don?t burn your fingers or you?ll have to scream:
Yeeeeoooouchhheee! Yeeeeoooouchhheee Tea!?

(Pretend one hand is a teacup and the other is a teabag being dunked. Then hold up and wiggle fingers for the second verse, and finally wave arms and hands wildly for the third verse. Do the same for the next set, only substitute a pouring motion for the first verse)