Story Time

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Submitted by: Jennifer, Octavia Fields
• Pre-school
Eyes, Nose, Fingers and Toes: A First Book All About You by:Judy Hindley
"Eyes are to blink, eyes are to wink..."

This is a lively and happy tour of eyes, ears, mouth, nose, etc. The mostly pastel illustrations are of chubby and happy children of many ethnicities moving their arms, laughing, and counting fingers. There are lots of opportunities to make this an interactive experience.
Hands! by:Kroll, Virginia L.
All about hands! This is another multicultural exploration of a part of the body. Illustrations are bright and plentiful.
Here Are My Hands by:Martin, Bill Jr and John Archambault
If Hindley's book is too long for your group, this is a good alternative. A group of multicultural children illustrate their feet "for stopping and going" and other actions.
Hello Toes! Hello Feet! by:Paul, Ann Whitford
This little girl seems to be a real morning person. "Good morning toes/Good morning feet/tangled up between my sheets." She races through the day with energy only a preschooler has. Finally, at the end of the day, it's "snuggle in between my sheets/Good night, toes/Good night, feet."
I Love My Hair! by:Tarpley, Natasha Anastasia
Keyana loves her hair, even though it sometimes hurts when her mother untangles her hair. She learns how lucky she is to have her hair, which she can wear "in a puffy little bun," "rows of braids along your scalp," with beads that "click to the rhythm of my walk." This is a lovely celebration of a child's African-American ethnicity and culture. Two pages about Keyana being teased about her Afro, but being cheered up by her teacher are a bit text-heavy, but don't let that make you bypass this one.
My Nose, Your Nose by:Walsh, Melanie
Although Daisy's skin is brown (illustrated by a very cool picture of Daisy taking it easy on a beach), and Agnes's skin is white, "they both have cheeky pink tongues!" The book continues in the same fashion, with illustrations of African-American and Caucasian children throughout the book.
Hands Are for Clapping
This is song #2 on the Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes (available through the HCPL system).
I use this as a transition from an action song to a story. Some of the action songs I use (from Jim Gill) are pretty active, so having something a little quieter is needed to switch them back into a story-listening mode.

I wiggle, wiggle wiggle my fingers
I wiggle, wiggle wiggle my toes
I wiggle, wiggle wiggle my shoulders
I wiggle, wiggle wiggle my nose

Now there are no more wiggles in me
(shake head)
I am sitting down as quietly as I can be
Let Your Fingers Clap
I also use this as a transition.

Let your fingers go clap
Let your fingers go snap
Let your mouth go up and down
But don't make a sound

Fold your hands
Close your eyes
Take a breath
And softly sigh.
Some of the books are a bit similar, so I included more books than what I usually read (four plus three action songs/fingerplays).