Story Time

Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
One windy day by:Caraway, Jane
Someone bigger by:Emmett, Jonathan
Funny ride by:Hillert, Margaret
Mike's kite by:MacDonald, Elizabeth
The kite by:Packard, Mary
Corey's kite by:Roche, Hannah
Lucky song by:Williams, Vera
Five little kites
Five little kites flew up in the sky,
Said "Hi" to the clouds [wave]
As they went by.
Said "Hi" to the birds [flap]
Said "Hi" to the sun [make round sun w/arms]
Said "Hi" to a plane [extend arms like wings]
Oh, what fun !
Then swish went the wind [swish arms]
And they all took a dive ...
One, two, three, four, five [hold up each finger]
My kite
When the wind starts to blow
It makes the trees dance to and fro.
That's the time I take my kite
And, holding on so very tight,
I run and run up the hill,
Then let it go ...what a thrill !
The wind takes it for a ride.
It dips and dives from side to side.
But when the wind decides to stop,
Down it goes with a great big flop.
Kite Colorsheet