Story Time

Chickens/Los Pollitos
Submitted by: Nancy, Aldine
• Bi-lingual
The Little Red Hen/The Gallinita Roja by:Byron Barton
The classic story of the little red hen that can not get any of her lazy friends to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to share in the fruits of her labor.
Rosie's Walk/El Paseo de Rosie by:Pat Hutchins
A hungry fox follows Rosie on her walk through the farmyard as she leads him through one disaster after another.
Dora's Eggs/Los Huevos de Dora by:Julie Sykes
As Dora the hen goes through the farm admiring the other baby animals, she becomes disappointed in her first eggs until they hatch into cute little chicks.
Dora's Chicks/Los Pollitos de Dora by:Julie Sykes
While Dora is out looking for their breakfast, she loses track of her six baby chicks.
Good Morning/Buenos D?as (Tune: Fr?re Jacques)
Good Morning, Good Morning
How are you? How are you?
Very well thank you. Very well thank you.
And you? And you?
Buenos D?as, Buenos D?as
?C?mo est?s? ?C?mo est?s?
Muy bien gracias, muy bien gracias
?Y usted? ?Y usted?
Los Pollitos Dicen
Los pollitos dicen
"p?o, p?o, p?o"
cuando tienen hambre,
cuando tienen fr?o.

La gallina busca
el ma?z y el trigo,
les da la comida
y les presta abrigo.

Bajo sus dos alas
hasta el otro d?a
duermen los pollitos.
Craft: Little Red Hen - patterns and instructions at
My Spanish-speaking partner and I take turns reading page for page (Spanish then English) for each story. Be aware that hearing each story twice (Spanish/English) can be challenging for younger children.