Story Time

Growing Up with You (SIBLINGS)
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school
Noisy Nora by:Rosemary Wells.
Feeling neglected, Nora makes more and more noise to attract her parents' attention.
Baby for sale by:Jackie French Koller
When Peter feels he cannot put up with his baby sister Emily any longer, he puts her in his wagon and goes around the block to see if any of the neighbors want to buy her.
"Wait for me," said Maggie McGee by:Jean Van Leeuwen
There are lots of disadvantages to being the smallest in her family--not being able to ride a bike, play basketball, or go to school--but after a long wait, Maggie grows up.
A baby sister for Frances by:Russell Hoban
When things change around the house after her baby sister is born, Frances decides to run away--but not too far.
Boss for a day by:Tomie DePaola
Moffie is ten minutes older than her twin brother, Morgie, and so she is always in charge, but when their mother says she is too bossy, Moffie decides to make Morgie boss for a day.
The adventures of Patty and the big red bus by:Meghan McCarthy
Patty and her younger sister have exciting adventures, from deep under the ocean to Mars, in a magical bus.
Going on a journey to the sea by:Jane Barclay
A small boy is bursting with happiness when his older sister takes him on a trip to the seaside. They begin their journey under a wide blue sky, first on foot, then by train, bus, and bicycle. Finally they reach the shore, where they share a golden day of frolicking and freedom.
You Are Special
Sung to: "Good Night Ladies"

You are special!
Very, very special!
You are special!
There's no one just like you!
Family Tree

Need: paper, apple shaped sponge, markers

Directions: Give them each a tree shape drawn on a piece of paper and sponges cut into apple shapes have them sponge paint the apples onto the tree to represent each family member provider will write names on the apples.
This storytime entry is dedicated to my sister, Dana. Having a sister is one of lifes greatest gifts.