Story Time

Baby's First Books - Your Body
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Infant • Toddler
Oh, Baby : a celebration of babies by:Leo Landry
Illustrations and simple text, including several nursery rhyme verses, provide an unusual look at the world of babies.

Note: This book is best used one on one with infant and adult.
Baby! Talk! by:Penny Gentieu
Photographs and simple text present a group of babies finding their feet, playing patty-cake, eating, hugging, and more.
Head, shoulders, knees and toes ... by:Annie Kubler
Simple words and pictures that follow the traditional song.
Hands can by:Cheryl Willis Hudson
Photographs and simple, rhyming text present different things that hands can do, such as hold things, mix things, and wave goodbye.
If Your Fingers
If your fingers wiggle,
Cross them one by one,
Until they hug each other.
It?s really quite fun.
These are Baby?s Fingers
These are baby?s fingers,
These are baby?s toes,
This is Baby?s belly button
Round and round it goes.
Pat A Cake
Pat a cake, pat a cake,
Baker?s man.
Bake me a cake,
As fast as you can.

Roll it, and pat it,
And mark it with a B.
And put it in the oven
For baby and me.
It's never too early read with your infant.
Plan your environment. Infants are affected by sudden changes in their environment. Luckily, many of these factors can be controlled. This is why I recommend creating a special spot for reading. The environment should support both you and your child. It should be a place of comfort. Think about things that your baby will need. For example, bright lights and loud sounds are not conducive to a positive reading environment. So, what will make storytime special? It may be a rocking chair, a dimmer for lighting, cozy blanket. Are the books placed where your infant or toddler can choose their own books? Most importantly, take time to read every day. Children are comforted by routine. When children have constancy in their lives they develop a sense of trust and comfort of the world and people around them. Reading to your child is one way you can help them develop a love of learning.
Harris County Public Libraries provide free Lapsit programs designed for your infant's social and developmental needs. Look for or ask about an Infant Lapsit program at your local library.