Story Time

Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Toddler
Where are you going, little mouse? by: Robert Kraus
A little mouse runs away from home to find a "nicer" family, but when darkness comes, he misses them and realizes how much he loves them.
Lunch by:Denise Fleming
A very hungry mouse eats a large lunch comprised of colorful foods.
The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear by:Don and Audrey Wood
A little mouse is determined to keep the big hungry bear from eating the strawberry he picked with much effort.
One gray mouse by:Katherine Burton
A counting book with different animals, each in a different color, with a rhyming text.
It could have been worse by:A.H. Benjamin
While walking home, an "unlucky" mouse suffers minor mishaps which repeatedly save him from being eaten by various animals.
Mouse's first snow by:Lauren Thompson
A mouse and its father enjoy playing in the snow.
Quiet Mouse

Once there lived a quiet mouse
(hold out fist with index finger extended)

In a quiet little house.
(insert index finger into other fist)

When all was quiet as can be

Out Popped He!! (throw arms and hands apart)
Five Little Mice

Five little mice came out to play
Gathering crumbs along the way
Out came the pussycat, big and fat
Four little mice go scampering back.
Continue until there are no more mice.
Hickory-Dickory dock
Hickory-Dickory dock
The Mouse ran up the clock %
The clock struck one
And down he run
Hickory-Dickory dock
Harris County Public Libraries provide free storytime programs designed for your child's social and developmental needs. Ask about a storytime program at your local library.