Story Time

Submitted by: Maryam Shah, Cy-Fair
• Toddler • Pre-school
Click clack, quackity-quack : an alphabetical adventure by:Doreen Cronin
An assortment of animals gathers for a picnic.
Best Picnic Ever by:Clare Jarrett
While his mother prepares a picnic, Jack invites a giraffe, an elephant, and other animals to lunch and each eagerly agrees, as long as they can play first.
Pignic by:Anne Miranda
Pigs gather for their annual picnic in this rhyming alphabet book.
I am Going on a Picnic
I am going on a picnic,
My name is Joe (insert Child's Name) and ....
I am going to bring Ketchup (insert item)

Note: Go around Circle and name different items
A Summer Fingerplay
Prepare for your Summer picnic with this fingerplay.

Materials: Plates, napkins etc.

These are my sun glasses.
(circle eyes with fingers)
This is my great sun hat.
(Hands over head)
This is the way I fold my hands
(Fold hands)
And rest them, just like that.
(Place hands into lap)
Pack the paper plates and napkins.
(Pretend to pack)
Don't forget the food and drink:
(Shake head no)
Hot dogs, potato salad, cake, and lemonade pink.
It's fun to go on a picnic.
I simply cannot wait
To eat and play, have fun all day,
Watermelon, watermelon
How it drips, how it drips
Up and down your elbow, up and down your elbow
Spit the pits (POOEY!), Spit the pits (POOEY!)
Picnic Time
Going on a picnic,
Gotta pack a lunch.
What should we bring to munch, munch, munch?

[list children's ideas of food for a picnic]

[You read from list. . .] Let's bring sandwiches,
[children echo. . .] sandwiches, sandwiches.

[continue with all the foods listed]

Ready for a picnic,
Ready with a lunch,
Now we're ready to munch, munch, munch!


Give each child a picture of a food item. Then, for the second verse, you say:
"Who'll bring [sandwiches]?" and the child with that food item answers, "I'll bring [sandwiches]".

Hold up pictures of food items one at a time and, for the second verse, everyone say, "Let's bring [sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches]."
Need: one paper plate, a red crayon, a green crayon, glue, scissors, small black beans

Directions: Cut the paper plate in half. Have the children color the rim green, and the rest red. Then glue the black beans on as seeds. I did this as a listening exercise. We all colored green together. We all counted out 8 beans each.
2-Ant Thumbprints
Need: Black paint or ink pad, paper, marker

Directions: Make thumbprints and then add legs and faces if desired.
Indoor Picnic
content: collaboration/community
setting: snack or lunch

On a particularly cold and icky day, plan an indoor picnic for snack or lunch. Use your (and the children's) imagination and be as authentic as you like! Here are just a few suggestions for "props":

blankets to spread on the floor;
electric fan (for a gentle breeze, of course!);
plastic ants;
sack lunches;