Story Time

Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Excuse me! by:Lisa Kopelke
A frog who loves to burp learns the value of good manners.
Table manners : the edifying story of two friends whose discovery of good manners promises them a glorious future by:Vladimir Radunsky
Chester teaches his good friend Dudunya about napkins, "full-mouthed speaking accidents," and other important aspects of proper mealtime behavior.
Lady Lupin's book of etiquette by:Babette Cole
Lady Lupin undertakes the education of her puppies in the art of manners.
Mary Louise loses her manners by:Diane Cuneo
When Mary Louise starts saying things like "fleas" and "spank you" instead of "please" and "thank you," she realizes that she has lost her manners and goes in search of them.
Are you going to be good? by:Cari Best
While attending his first "night party" to celebrate Great-Gran Sadie's 100th birthday, Robert's manners disappoint family members and relatives but please the guest of honor, who loves his dance steps.
Perfect pigs : an introduction to manners by: Marc Brown
A simple introduction to good manners to use with family, friends, at school, during meals, with pets, on the phone, during games, at parties, and in public places.
Please say please! : Penguin's guide to manners by: Margery Cuyler
Penguin teaches his animal friends how to behave when they are invited for dinner.
Sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"

I have super manners. Yes, I do.
I can say "Please," and "Thank You," too.
When I play with friends, I like to share.
That's the way I show I care!
Never, Ever, Pick Your Nose!
Pick a flower
Pick a rose
Pick a treat
Or pick your toes (just kidding)

Pick some buttons
Pick some bows
Pick some jeans
Or fancy clothes

Pick some friends
Or pick some foes
But never, ever

By G. B. Lipson
A children?s tea party is a lot of fun. When planning this event, be as creative as you like. Tea parties are something that every little girl or boy will enjoy. When choosing the menu for a children?s tea party, keep it simple and do not serve messy items. You do not have to actually serve tea at a children?s tea party. You can serve punch, juice, tea or anything that suits their taste buds.

A few tea themes are listed below but feel free to use your imagination.

Have each child bring their favorite dolly or teddy bear
Games could include story telling, arts and crafts or show and tell
The child can dress-up in fun clothing
Use invitations that are shaped like a teddy bear or any type of invitation with a doll or teddy bear.
Serve the following items at the party:
Small teddy bear shaped-sandwiches with peanut-butter and jelly filling (use cookie cutters)
Bear shaped sugar cookies
This theme was suggested by parents whom are also educators. I would encourage you to allow further discussion. I have found that this is a subject children have many questions about.