Story Time

Submitted by: Jeanette Jett, Stratford
• Pre-school
Ten-gallon Bart by:Crummel,Susan Stevens
Sheriff Bart was brave, courageous and bold, but starting to get old. He's a dog.The last day he is to be Sheriff before he retires to go fishing, Billy the Kid comes in on the train. The town and Miss Kitty stand by the Sheriff and helps him save the day.
Giddy up, Cowgirl by:Kroscoczka, Jarrett
The little cowgirl is her mother's best helper, but not much help. Even when things go wrong, our little cowgirl is assured she is loved.
Cowboy Camp by:Sauer, Tammi
Our little cowboy proves that even a cowboy named Avery who can't seem to do anything right can save the day!
Deep in the Heart of Texas
The stars at night are big and bright (4 claps)Deep in the Heart of Texas
This is all we use of the song as it goes with the Storytelling listed below.
Sounds of animals
Ask the children
Who can make the sound of cat?
When the cat is angry.
When the cat is happy.
Who can make the sound of a dog?
When the dog is angry.
Who can make the sound of a cow?
Who can sound like a goat? etc.
(I used the animals in Ten-Gallon Bart)
Cover a toilet paper tube in any 'cowboy color' you choose. Color the hat, sheriff star, boots, arms, guitar and boy/girl head. (Glue to the paper before attaching it to the tube. Kids loved it.) Cowboy Craft
Slim Jim is the best cowboy in Texas until he starts to sing DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS while out with the cows. They get scared and stampede. He tries not to sing any more but the song is in his head. He finally has to leave the prairie and go fishing by the Rio Grande where the fish don't stampede when he sings. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, trouble has come as all the cowboys are having THAT song go around in their heads and come out of their mouths causing more stampedes. Slim Jim has to come back to help the cowboys round up all the cattle. Slim Jim discovers a song that can be sung without a stampeding the cattle.