Story Time

Submitted by: Paula Martin, Katherine Tyra
• Pre-school
The Ant and the Elephant by:Bill Peet
Of all the animals the elephant rescues, only the tiny ant returns the favor.
The Ant and the Grasshopper by:Amy Lowry Poole
Retells the fable about a colony of industrious ant which busily prepares for the approaching winter while a grasshopper makes no plans forth cold weather.
Ant and Honey Bee: What a Pair! by:Megan McDonald
Ant and Honey Bee try to come up with original outfits for a costume party and almost experience disaster. This would work for costume or dress-up stories as well.
Army Ant Parade by:April Pulley Sayre
Set in a Panamanian rain forest and illustrated by Rick Chrustowski, this book puts readers right in the center of the excitement, suggesting they look for telltale signs, such as an antbird rustling or scorpions scurrying.
Effie by:Beverly Allinson
When Effie the ant's loud voice saves the day, the other insects learn to appreciate her unique gift.
How Many Ants? by:Larry Brimner
This is a reader. Ants increase by multiples of ten as they march up the hill toward a tall cake. Use as a counting book.
McDuff Saves the Day by:Rosemary Wells
Fred, Lucy, the baby, and McDuff go to the lake for a Fourth of July picnic, but when ants consume all of their food it's up to McDuff to find something for the to eat. A good 4th of July book as well.
Mushroom in the Rain by:Mirra Ginsburg
How can an ant, butterfly, mouse, sparrow, and rabbit all take shelter from the rain under the same mushroom when originally there was room only for the ant? Vividly colored humorous pen-and-ink illustrations greatly enhance the simple tale of an ant who takes shelter under a small mushroom during a downpour. Good for rain stories as well.
My Little Sister Ate One Hare by:Bill Grossman
Little sister has no problem eating one hare, two snakes, and three ants, but when she gets to ten peas, she throws up quite a mess.
Sarah's Story by:Bill Harley
Sarah cannot think of a story to tell in class for her homework assignment, but on her way to school she gets help from some unexpected sources. This would be great for show-and-tell stories with school aged children.
Step by Step by:Diane Wolkstein
A little ant and her friend enjoy a day together, dining on the nectar of a yellow flower, sailing on a leaf, and dancing in the rain.
Two Bad Ants by:Chris Van Allsburg
When two bad ants desert from their colony, they experience a dangerous adventure that convinces them to return to their former safety. I do this as sort of a mystery, where are they, what is happening?
The Ants Go Marching
The Barney Version
I do this as a pre-school program but it would be appropriate for lower elementary students.