Story Time

Tall Tales
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Schoolage
John Henry by:Julius Lester
Retells the life of the legendary African American hero who raced against a steam drill to cut through a mountain.
Thunder Rose by:Jerdine Nolen
Unusual from the day she is born, Thunder Rose performs all sorts of amazing feats, including building fences, taming a stampeding herd of steers, capturing a gang of rustlers, and turning aside a tornado.
Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett : a tall tale by:Steven Kellogg
Sally Ann, wife of Davy Crockett, fears nothing--and proves it when braggart Mike Fink tries to scare her.
The Bunyans by:Audrey Wood
Paul Bunyan, his wife, and their children do some ordinary things which result in the formation of Niagara Falls, Bryce Canyon, and other natural monuments.
Paul Bunyan : a tall tale by:Steven Kellogg
Recounts the life of the extraordinary lumberjack whose unusual size and strength brought him many fantastic adventures.
Johnny Appleseed : a tall tale by:Steven Kellogg
Presents the life of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, describing his love of nature, his kindness to animals, and his physical fortitude.
Pecos Bill : a tall tale by:Steven Kellogg
Incidents from the life of Pecos Bill, from his childhood among the coyotes to his unusual wedding day.
Swamp Angel by:Anne Isaacs
Along with other amazing feats, Angelica Longrider, also known as Swamp Angel, wrestles a huge bear, known as Thundering Tarnation, to save the winter supplies of the settlers in Tennessee.
Invite a storyteller to spin a tall tale. Then encourage children to make up their own.